While most of our current products are intended to be used along with our Smart10 hardware, we also release certain apps that are more TV-centric, that can be used along with other TV boxes. There are apps like TV Launchers, YouTube Players, YouTube VideoWalls, Favorite Apps, Recent Apps, etc. which are not tied to our hardware. These are available for download from this site as well as from Google PlayStore.


  • Smart Digital Platform

    Smart Digital Platform is the software which our hardware and firmware will work on.

  • Products

    Smart10 makes every TV smart (including the so-called smart TVs). This is done through our portfolio of devices termed Android Mini PC / Android TV Boxes. These come in various form factors, which connect to the TV through HDMI. Most of our models also support standard AV Connectors which can connect to the older TVs too. They connect to Internet through WiFi or Ethernet. They can also act as WiFi Hotspots. They satisfy the Information, Communication and Entertainment needs of all users.

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