SmarTotel is an industry specific variant of the Smart Digital Platform (SDP) for the Hotel Industry. It will be tied up to our smart10 devices on either tabs or TV devices or both. The software offers information on hotel facilities, entertainment, partner advertisements and so on. SmarTotel also provides billing services during checkout to ease the process.

Integration with IoT (Internet of Things) based devices like Air Conditioning temperature, fan speed, brightness of lights in the room etc.

Key Features of SmarTotel:

  •     Device or tab or both in every room
  •     Welcome message announced to checked in guest on TV
  •     Hotel Facilities (Restaurants, Swimming pools, Spas, Gyms, etc.)
  •     Streaming Entertainment (Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Live TV, Games)
  •     Ordering food and other services (Spa appointment, Restaurant table booking, etc.)
  •     Partner Advertisements (Local Restaurants, Bars, Shopping, Sight seeing, Tours, etc.)
  •     Checkout along with billing for services
  •     Guest Preferences maintained across a group of hotels
  •     Analytics at individual and aggregate levels across hierarchies