SmarTaurant is the industry specific variant of the Smart Digital Platform (SDP) for the Restaurant Industry. It will be tied to our Smart10 tabs. SmarTaurant has a customized menu and Ordering App that will save user preferences and preferred orders on your

personal profile. On the serving end, there will be separate applications for the waiter, kitchen and front desk. The customers can pay online using the tab. There will be a rating system that also supports video feedback from the customers.

Key Features of SmarTaurant:

  • A Tab on every table
  • Customized Menu and Ordering app
  • Image, Ingredients, Preparation method and Rating for every dish
  • Separate Waiter, Kitchen and Front Desk Apps
  • Online Order Display on the kitchen TV
  • Online Bill Payment for customers
  • Rating and Video feedback from customers
  • Analytics at individual and aggregate levels across hierarchies