Smart Digital Platform (SDP)

The Smart Digital Platform is a Standard OTT Platform for service providers. It consists of industry specific variants like:

  • SmarTotel: Hotels
  • SmarTaurant: Restaurants
  • SmarTrip: Taxis and Car Rentals
  • SmarTout: Advertisements

We provide Digital Application and Content Services. We track multiple hierarchical Analytics meaning that a user's profile can retain across a group of restaurants or hotels so that user preferences can be maintained.






SmarTotel is an industry specific variant of the Smart Digital Platform (SDP) for the Hotel Industry. It will be tied up to our smart10 devices on either tabs or TV devices or both. The software offers information on hotel facilities, entertainment, partner advertisements and so on. SmarTotel also provides billing services during checkout to ease the process.

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SmarTout is an industry based variant of the Smart Digital Platform for Advertisements. Our Smart10 devices will be placed on every Billboard to control the Advertisements that can played on the screen to be played remotely.

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The SmarTrip application is the industry specific variant of the Smart Digital Platform (SDP) for Taxis and Car Rentals. The application will be tied to our Smart10 tab which will be placed in the rear seats of the car. The application will provide entertainment services

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