On the hardware and firmware side, Smart10 deals typically with Android based devices with multiple form factors like HDMI Sticks, Boxes and full tablets which have varied specs on the processors, memory, peripherals like number of HDMI ports, USB ports, in-built cameras, output specs like 4K, dolby digital 5.1, etc. On the software front, we have Smart10 Digital Platform (SDP) which is the overall OTT like system for Service Providers. This has been specialized into various industry specific platforms like SmarTotel for the Hotel Industry, SmarTaurant for Restaurants, SmarTrip for App based Taxis delivering Ola Play like services and SmarTout for Ads which can be for outdoor advertising or in semi-closed public spaces like in-restaurant, in-mall or in-metro stations, in-airports, etc. The platform delivers digital application and content services to our apps customised on the aforementioned devices. On the devices, the apps are optimised to cache content based on the hardware and the end-user and customer profiles.